Swarovski, an Austrian producer of cut crystal with headquarters in both Europe and North America, produces luxury and fashion items such as a complete jewelry and accessory line for both women and men, figurines, ornaments, loose gems, and custom lighting. Swarovski is known across the world and is loved by both collectors and celebrities alike.

What We Did

For Mother’s Day Swarovski dominated malls, transit, and billboard advertising in five major cities across the U.S.  – New York City, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

This was a very large campaign and consisted of over 90 individual layouts and we handled all logistics from client approvals, vendor submissions, and proof approvals. This campaign consisted of large scale graphics that followed strict global brand guidelines, such as bus shelters, full bus wraps, sky banners, wallscapes, billboards, elevator wraps, full subway domination, static backlits and digital directories.

The goal of this campaign was to see Swarovski everywhere during a key time of the year where Mother’s Day sales are critical. 


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