Parker Driving School


Parker Professional Driving School, located in Avon, MA, is the driving force in safe, professional, on and off road driving skills. Parker offers hands-on courses for students to teach them the skills they need to drive a truck, tractor-trailer or bus to earn their CDL and enter the profitable world of transportation.


What We Did

Parker Professional Driving School has courses throughout the year and is always looking for people who want to earn their CDL. We were asked to develop an updated video on location that would focus not only on the classroom experience, but also the hands-on training. A full-length promo, as well as a shortened 30-second promo to be used as a TV commercial were created. We developed the script, graphics, shot with HD cameras, drone and GoPro technologies, and included professional voiceover talent to achieve the end result. The video was also used on social media, online advertising, and their website.

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