Colonial Fence


Colonial Fence is a well-known company in Norfolk, MA and surrounding towns for the beautiful, custom fencing they provide. The company has recently expanded its offerings to more than just fencing and now offer a very large selection of home a garden accessories that would compliment any home.


What We Did

Our task was to produce a piece that showcased the wide selection that is now being offered to help drive new customers into the showroom and onto the website to create sales. Many people knew them for fencing only, so finding the best way to get the word out was key. This piece had to be a mailer and follow the brand of the company.

Our approach was to design a 24-page catalog that could be mailed and also have shelf life in a showroom. Our client’s marketing budget was important, so to ensure their marketing dollars were being spent wisely, we targeted specific criteria to be sure the people that received the catalogs were most likely to buy products. We targeted 9 surrounding towns and sent out a total of 24,000 catalogs.

This project helped our client gain exposure in a new market and specifically target customers, ultimately creating traffic and driving sales.


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