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Kelley & Ryan came to us to assist with rebranding of the company. They're most recent platform for online bill paying, City Hall Systems, had to be integrated into the rest of the company seamlessly. Since Kelley & Ryan was already a household name, the rebrand had to be subtle, but help them achieve a more professional appearance with City Hall Systems as the leading force of the company going forward. The starting point was to update their logo to a more modern interpretation of a city hall building. Incorporated into the logo were both the Kelley & Ryan and City Hall Systems name. We assigned navy blue and a light grey as the new colors for the company. Once the company had achieved a new branded look, we applied the new look to various print collateral. A few of the pieces included were business cards, brochures, company overview booklet and a pocket folder to house all the materials. Now, they are able to meet with potential clients and have a professional, cohesive sales kit to present.

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