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Partnering with St. Joseph's Health for their recruitment campaign for Home Care nurses was a perfect fit. As an agency that also specializes in recruitment advertising, we were able to put together a comprehensive 3-month campaign featuring both digital and printed collateral that fit their budget. The need to fill 15 Home Care nursing positions was a large order, but one we were ready to take on. 

The campaign was majority digital and we incorporated targeted Facebook video news feed ads, as well as static carousel ads. Both of these types of advertising are very effective in today's digital world and especially for the 22-45 age group we were after. In addition to Facebook, also added in targeted advertising. This involves network, behavioral and keyword targets. Other avenues that supplemented the targeted advertising were online job boards, career web page graphics and banners, as well as Facebook posts for the hospital. The creative was chosen to show the compassionate side of nursing, but also speaking directly to the Home Care nurse. Three headlines were developed for the camapign that went with a corresponding image. The colors for the campaign stayed with St. Joseph's red to keep true to their brand. The goal of this campaign was to drive potential candidates in the Syracuse area to the Home Care career site to apply.

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